Reclaim your sexy

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Reclaim your sexy

Social media, and media in general really does a good job of telling us what sexy is. Making it into an aesthetic. But, it’s more than that. You are sexy, and you may have lost it, or maybe you just have never felt it. We have to be the ones to explore what that feels like within ourselves. It’s a feeling, and it’s one that we need to reclaim.

Our classes help you unlock that feeling…last night, one of my students took the leap to take one of my classes that she normally wouldn’t take (a more sensual class). She decided to do something out of her comfort zone. I was pleasantly surprised when she told me it was her new favorite class. She usually is the more athletic, strong type. But, what she told me was that it was liberating to move her hips that way, explore her body, and experience something that she has been pushing down. Corporate America, the media, your family, makes you do things that really aren’t authentically you. So, let us help you switch that up into making sexy into a feeling. Start with self-touch. Putting your hands on yourself feels weird. I know…I have taught a million classes where my students are scared to put their hands on their own body. But, your body is composed of a nervous system, and is actually being touch-starved by you. Physical touch plays a role in our physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Don’t neglect yourself, and then expect others to treat you a certain way, when you don’t even treat yourself with the love you deserve. Our space is a judgment free zone where you can explore what sexy may feel like for you. Once you start exploring it, that sexy feeling may show up in your regular life…wouldn’t that be nice? To feel sexy and confident?

I implore you to start connecting with yourself more, don’t worry about what the media tells you. When you become comfortable with what you have, you will start to see your life change in a positive way. Let’s start to explore!