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Keep them interested

Many people I know can’t figure out why the person their dating is pulling away from them. Just because you now have a relationship or you start seeing someone, doesn’t mean that you need to forget about the things that make you you, and forget who you were before, or stop hanging out with your social groups. You need to stop losing your identity for someone else.

Communication is key, don’t give up part of yourself for another person. They got involved with you because they liked you for who you are. Keep your focus on you by not losing sight of your priorities but at the same time, communicate on when you’d like to spend time together. Don’t give up everything to spend time together. Don’t people please. I know that’s easier said than done, but one of the reasons that you people please is because when you were younger, that’s how you were shown affection, after you did something well. Don’t be a people pleaser because you think that’s how you receive validation. That’s how you start being significant. Unfortunately, it’s quite the contrary. People pleasing does not work too well in relationships because that person understands that you had a life before them which is why they were attracted to you in the first place. When you start to do everything for them, the person starts to pull away, because you’ve lost what makes you unique.

Life will become so much about everyone else that you will start to feel completely invisible, and that person can sense it and they’ll pull away. Instead, pick up a hobby and find yourself again. Start scheduling 1) alone time, and 2) “you” time, where you can do the things you love or do the things that interest you. This will keep you interesting, instead of you becoming the person you’re seeing and losing your identity completely.