Declutter not only your closet…

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Declutter not only your closet…

So yesterday I saw this TikTok and it showed how to declutter your closet by simply saying that your clothes can hold energy and hold up the piece of clothing up to your face/chest and see if it brings you joy. Sometimes, we hold on to clothing that we’ve had for ages because we have a fear of letting go of the past, and also an anxiety of the future. So, for example I was holding onto a dress that I wore on my 21st birthday. What for? I guess it brought me sentimental value, however, I have pictures of that night. That dress brought me joy that night for sure, but it’s not currently bringing me joy. It was reminding me about how I can’t fit into now, how times have changed, and it was taking up room in my closet. I was also holding onto clothing my mom gave me, and I was feeling bad donating it. However, I never wear it, it doesn’t bring me joy, so why keep it? Of course I won’t tell my mom I got rid of it, but also, she gave me stuff so long ago, I doubt she remembers. When I decluttered my closet, it showed me items I forgot about and love, and it showed me items that no longer served me. AND the best part!? It took me only a half hour!

This got me thinking…it put me in such a great mood because I was productive and now I can see my closet more clearly. Since it worked so positively in my home, you should apply this concept to your life! Ask the universe/God/your divine self  to show you people who no longer serve you, who no longer bring you joy. It may be tough at first but the decluttering of people may not only surprise you but bring your joy because they have been weighing you down. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to clutch them to your chest to see if they bring you joy or not, however, you can take a scan of people in your life and see if they do. This will provide clarity. When you let go of someone or something that no longer serves you, you’ll be able to bring forth something you actually need. This power of letting go will help you achieve inner freedom, peace, and joy. Isn’t that what every human ultimately wants? To be happy and free?

If you’re with me this far, you might be thinking it’s not that easy. You can take some small steps then, start distancing yourself from that person, don’t accept invitations for social gatherings from that person, and start to become the thing you want. Become trustworthy, become someone who works on finding your inner peace.

Declutter not only your closet, but those who no longer serve you. You’ll reap the reward of feeling satisfied because you will no longer have that negative energy surrounding you.