Competitive Pole (and why you should try it!)

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Competitive Pole (and why you should try it!)

by Studio Owner, Tash Kosnac

It’s almost that time of year again! Perhaps you hear students discussing songs or costume choices – moves to train or passes they’re dying to do – but it can only mean one thing… we’re entering competition season!

Technically, this is twice a year (or sometimes 3x a year based off of our region), but we typically have students compete in three possible competitions. Our biggest show that DDF attends is Atlantic Pole Championships (APC) in Washington, DC, second is Northeast Pole Championships (NEPC) in Boston, MA, and lastly – a newer location – Liberty Pole Championships (LPC) in Philadelphia, PA. All of which are hosted by Pole Sport Organization. Now, you may be thinking, “I am definitely not advanced enough to compete!” I can assure you, if you are at a beginner level and have a solid climb (which is not even required, by the way), you are likely within the Level 1 skill category, and you are absolutely able to compete. So, what’s all the fuss about? There are a great number of good reasons to compete – a few of them being that it puts your practice into overdrive and skills tend to advance more quickly because fo the added focus and training time. Another reason is that it builds confidence; this in particular is a BIG reason many people compete. You are putting together a full piece that tells your story, and presenting it to a full room of the most accepting, supportive humans you’ll ever meet. You’ll find the satisfaction of completion and presentation of a culminating experience like this can be a major confidence booster that can translate even into your everyday life outside of the studio. You also receive constructive feedback from your three judges regarding various aspects of your performance. This type of information is invaluable to training and it provides an outside look that you might not otherwise receive to improve your dancing and performance quality. And if nothing else? You can get some beautiful pictures and video of yourself in action.

So, if this has piqued your interest, you must know that our studio provides a great deal of support for our competitors, even offering a competitive sponsorship program that includes reimbursement for registration fees, discounted privates, & discounted practice sessions, while adhering to very doable performance stipulations. Sponsorship is NOT mandatory to compete, but is suggested to assist with the preparatory steps involved. We also have a PSO Unicorn (PSO Unicorns are ambassadors for the organization) at our studio to help with any questions or concerns – and that is our instructor, Mesch. Keep in mind if you do decide to compete you’ll need to reference that information of the registration form in the “studio unicorn” section, as well as listing Dream Dance Fitness in the “affiliated studio” section. All of our instructors are able to be utilized for privates to help with ideas, choreography, and feedback. So, know that you won’t be flying blindly into this experience. We also provide a number of open practice freeplay sessions and run-through nights prior to competition, so that we can smooth out performances and get you used to performing for an audience.

When registering, there are different categories to choose from – Entertainment, Dramatic, Championship, Exotic, Low Flow & Floorwork. We can help guide specific ideas you may have and help you choose the category that best fits your piece and skills. You also not only experience your own performance, you will experience the performances of others at all difference ages and skill levels, which is incredibly helpful to grow as a dancer and performer. The crowd is always so supportive and caring – you’ll make new friends you may have for years backstage and in the hotel, and it’s a nice change from the typical world of competitive dance. Overall, we would suggest that everyone try competing at least once – you never know… you might fall in love with it.